FTG Cryptocurrency Exchange

Fair Trading Global is one of the leading providers for cryptocurrency trading globally. Fair Trading Global OU is regulated by the Estonian MTR and has a full license for operating a cyrptocurrency exchange( License #  FVR000413))and wallet(License # FRK000338) .We are proud to offer clients the opportunity to trade a several leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike other derivatives, commodities and indexes, cryptocurrencies’ market movements are completely dominated by retail traders around the world on a 24 hours basis In the world of cryptocurrencies, products trade through volatile price swings but also market ranges that make them the perfect instrument for both speculation and hedging against real world cryptocurrency exposure. While leverage is limited, we do make sure that our clients receive the best liquidity the crypto market has to offer.

With the our FTG Spot Trader, traders can go both long and short in the cryptocurrency market without actually holding the Bitocin or Ethereum product in his wallet. Hence, our clients gain exposure to the swings of the market without having to worry about the financial and security risks, such as hacking and identity theft. Most importantly, our partners can be rest assured they are trading with a fully regulated Estonian Broker and fully compliant to MTR reporting standards.

Major Cryptocurrencies

  • BTC/USDAs the first currency to gain momentum globally, Bitcoin has truly paved the way for other crypto products later on. Bitcoin has established an ecosystem by itself and is now widely accepted as a means of payment all over the world. Most importantly, the market capitalization of Bitcoin alone is 10x the value of most stocks.

    Be sure to watch the trends and find your chances in the Bitcoin market.

  • ETH/USD -Ethereum, the second most famous cryptocurrency, gained traction much faster than Bitcoin due to its ability to create a community that allowed programmers to build onto the ETH blockchain itself, sprouting a web of advanced blockchains that serve now many industries around the world. Fair Trading Global OU is one of the few brokers that offer oth an Ethereum and ETHUSD trading. Take advantage of this exposure now!


Hope you find your suitable opportunities trading cryptocurrencies.