FTG Trader Platform

FTG Trader was designed specifically for traders, and being the most widely used platform for trading currencies, it provides both real-time execution and in-depth analysis for all products. Our ECN exchange integrated advanced technology which combines all clients, banks and LPs in one market chain and allows for multilateral clearing.

By trading on an ECN, there is no limitations on the lot sizes(up to a certain large) , time and price rejections, and offers precise execution during all times for all trading strategies. Therefore, no matter how you trade, whether it is manual or automatic with Expert Advisors, you are trading on the real currency market with banks and other institutions.

By trading without dealers who are always monitoring your trades, you are guaranteed a transparent trading environment with the right products for you. In the ECN, your trades will not be modified, allowing you to roam freely in the world’s largest financial market. Lastly, to make sure our clients in Asia receive the most consistent pricing, we have set up multiple datacenters in Asia, making sure your trades are going global, as they should be.

FTG MetaTrader Platform


Floating interbank spreads







STP to Tier 1 banks
No trading limitations
No dealing desk
No trade rejections
Automatic rebate & commissions
Powerful back office
0.03 second trade execution (98% of trades)

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