VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Fair Trading Global offers the best VPS for you and your customers. Through a VPS, you can transmit and store all the data and programs you need on a cloud server. Therefore, whether you are trading with an EA or manually, you will be in a safe and more stable trading environment. You will have your own administrative credentials, independent IP, dedicated server as well as the right CPU for large volumes of trades. These are the flexible features of the VPS we are offering for you and your sophisticated clients.


  • Experience a trading environment that never disconnects all year around
  • Have your own dedicated server
  • Encrypted protection for your own security
  • Enhanced for EA trading so your EA does not stop trading when your computer is turned off
  • Access your VPS from anywhere in the world
  • Increase transparency and low latency
  • VPS from all over the world ( Hong Kong, UK, US and Canada)

Types of VPS

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated VPS
  • Cloud Server

Expert Advisor (Automated Trading MT4 & MT5)

EA, also known as expert advisor, is an automated trading script that one can program within MT4. With your own proprietary trading strategy combined with MQL4 and MQL5 programming language provided by MetaQuotes, you can program your strategy into a trading algorithm that allows the computer to do your trading for you. So far, EAs are the most popular and advanced trading programs to this day. With the right algorithms, you no longer have to manually execute your trading strategies.

Interested in EAs but cannot find the right one?

FTG can find third party sources who can help you program the right expert advisor fitting your needs. If you are interested in this service, please contact us with your needs. We are constantly working with leading programmers from all over the world to develop the next best trading program.

Want a platform to help promote your EA?

FTG has a turn key solution for marketing your EAs, just contact us and learn how we can work together to promote your cutting-edge trading strategies. By using FTG’s global resources, we can be sure your strategy will reach every edge of the world.

Our experts will guide you through:

  • Available for all FTG platforms, including MT5
  • Automatic execution with precise pricing and low latency for 24 hour trading
  • Constant monitoring of market trends
  • Copy trading available for EAs
  • Use PAMM to gain followers

If you are interested in our VPS or EA partnerships, feel free to fill the contact box below